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Call today for a consultation with Dr. Bryant.  All patients are given access directly to her cell with HIPAA compliant text messaging.

Specialized Treatments

We provide several services including nerve burning for arthritis,  (PRP) platelet rich plasma therapy for disc herniations and joints, and spinal cord stimulation


You can call the office directly for an appointment and we will get the appropriate information to see if a referral is necessary based on your insurance.

We also accept referrals directly from your physician via our referral form. 

Primary Spine Care


Dr. Allyson Bryant brings 9 years of extensive spine and pain management expertise to each of her patients, gained by previously serving as the medical director of Wake Forest Baptist’s spine center in Winston Salem, NC where she created and implemented the model for their primary spine pathway.

Goals of Care:

Welcome to Triangle Pain Institute


The pain management solution that is flexible, saves time, and works with your schedule.

Receive direct access to Dr. Bryant’s cell phone via HIPAA compliant text messaging for non-urgent medical questions.

Schedule appointments during extended hours and saturdays.



Conveniently located on Blue Ridge Rd., in Raleigh, NC, we offer complete non-operative care for spone and joint pain including in-office fluoroscopy guided procedures.  

Procedures performed include epidural steroid injections, diagnostic nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, and spinal cord stimulator trials.


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What we provide

Pain Management Services


“ If You are in Pain and Need our Help, Contact Us Immediately, We are Here for You ”